Connect and Reflect

Women’s Wellness Workshop

Saturday, June 18th, 2016

10:00am to 3:00pm

Cost is $40.00 in advance. Please RSVP soon as space is limited.

woman-workshop-juneConnect and Reflect

Please join us for an inspiring day of learning and enlightenment.

Our day begins with some gentle yoga poses and stretches to strengthen our back and core and relieve pain.

We will experience a guided meditation; perhaps reveling the past to better understand the present. Get tools to stay calm and centered through all the facets of life.  Pure water is an essential component for optimum health.  Learn about the positive impact water can provide to keep us looking and feeling our best.

Over a healthy and delicious lunch, enjoy the river view and maybe go for a dip in the pool. Bring your suit for a refreshing break.  Check out precious and unique jewelry and handmade crafts.  See what essential oils are good medicine.

I will share some healing information about the powerful herbs that may already be in your garden. We will learn about pressure cooking to make fast, nutritious meals saving energy and time. As always, a great opportunity for. sharing our gifts.

I look forward to our special day.

Confirm by e-mail, phone or text. Checks payable to the address above or PayPal.

Space is limited RSVP now for only $40